Mohamed Elkordy

Mohamed Elkordy

Sales & Marketing Manager

Board member since 2012

Bachelor Degree in Marketing

MBA Holder since 2010

Member in German chamber of commerce


El Kordy joined Style team in 1999, and since then Mohamed has contributed to the implementation of many major tourism projects in Egypt over twenty years and this has had the effect of developing good relations with many of the owners of those projects as well as major management companies such as Fourseasons, Hilton Groups, Accor Hotels Groups, Kempinski, Starwood Groups & Continental Group.

Global Hospitality Interior Design Offices have the effect of increasing his experience in the field of projects through worthy meetings to discuss special designs inquires, and transfer those requests to the company's implementation specialists, and the most important of those offices are:

  • Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA)
  • Bevis Design Associates (BDA)
  • Studio Lux Berlin
  • GG & Grace International
  • Wilson Associates
  • WATG
  • MUZA Lab
  • Living Design

Currently El Kordy is responsible for the Marketing and Sales department within the company.