Prof. Dr. Magdi Ibrahim

Prof. Dr. Magdi Ibrahim

CEO of Style Team Group.

  • Style Team
  • Style Team Trading
  • Style Team For Industry


PHD in Industrial Design Philosophy, 1980, Helwan University.

President of the 6th of October Board of Trustees.

Board member of the 6th of October Investors Association.

Board member of General Investors Union.

Former President of SOSDI Dry Port Company, 6 October.

Former Professor in Industrial Design, Helwan University.

As an Artist and a Professor in industrial design Dr. Ibrahim contributed to the success of many designers.

In 1968, he decided to take his passion for art and design to a next level by designing authentic Egyptian Art works for different renowned projects in Egypt, among which is the Master Chandelier at the Presidential palace.


Dr. Ibrahim, Style Team Founder, dedicated his experience in launching a well-organized company, which is specialized in manufacturing Decorative Lighting for residential & hospitality sectors, and introduced to the market a new era of bespoke lighting designs and a lot of success stories for more than 50 years.


In 1999 he established Style Team for trading responsible for distributing lighting units through its chain of stores located in Greater Cairo & Alexandria.


While in 2005 Dr. Ibrahim invested more in Style Team and The Company was transformed from a private company into a shareholding company named Style Team for Industry with its main role to manufacture lighting units and lighting components.


Dr. Ibrahim has contributed with his design consultation services to illuminate many projects, and style team group has designed and manufactured lighting units for international Hotels in Egypt & middle-east.